Foamboard, also known as foam core, is one of the most cost-effective and backing materials used in mounting art. It is made of polystyrene foam, covered with paper or plastic on both sides, making PS foam the core of the sandwich. This material is usually white, but the manufacturer also offers black or other colors. Product thickness is generally 1 / 8 or 3 / 16 inch (0.3 or 0.5 cm) thick. The normal size is 4x8ft.

Pins and pins can puncture the surface of the foam board. This material is light and robust. Foamboard is ideal for making large works of art or posters because it adds too little weight to the whole work. Its rigidity stabilizes paper art, but it is not the real archival material. Polystyrene foam will be decomposed over a long period, and the by-product of this decay may be acidic and accelerate the aging of its framed art.

Foam boards can be used as disposable bulletin boards. Foam panels can be purchased in large areas, making it the second-largest exhibition board for school projects and science exhibitions. By sticking the white artist tape to the connection on one side, three large boards can be hinged together to form a three-fold or triple display screen. Fabrics can be used in creative projects based on foam panels and can be perforated with pins or pins. Foam boards can make a good disposable bulletin board, which costs only a small part of the soft board. When there are too many pinholes on the surface to be reused, throw it away and buy a new board.

The surface of the foam board is smooth enough, and the dry-erase mark can also be used to make a temporary whiteboard. We can creat one piece of general indoor bulletin board/whiteboard via the easy-cutting by a razor. It accepts paint and felt tip marks, and the fabric can adhere to its surface. For these properties, foamed plastic boards have become the building materials chosen by modelers. If your promotion project needs a castle city model, or your action star pilot needs a space terminal, this material, a knife, paint, and glue can create background and props for your specific needs. People usually use Foam boards for model making.

Therefore, the foam board is widely applicable in advertising display and promotion, aircraft model, architectural decoration, culture and art, packaging, etc. In our daily life, we often use simple foam promotion boards, exhibition boards, corporate culture walls, or party-building walls to make foam panels.

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