What is the difference between the KT board (PS foam board) and PVC board?

At the event site, KT board and PVC board are widely used. But many people can’t tell the difference between the KT board and the PVC board. Some even think that the two materials belong to the same kind. As an event organizer, it’s a layman. Let Skyline Composites tell you the difference between the two.

KT board is a new type of material formed by foaming PS particles into the board core and laminating on the surface. The board body is straight, light, not easy to deteriorate, and easy to process. It can be directly screen-printed on the board (screen printing board), painted (paint adaptability needs to be tested), mounted back glue picture, and spray painting. It is often used in advertising display and promotion, architectural decoration, culture and art, packaging, and so on.

In terms of advertising, one is the mounting lining board for exhibition, display and announcement of product publicity information release, and the other is widely used in one-time screen printing, which is especially suitable for large-scale unified publicity activities.

PVC foam board, also known as Chevron board and Andy board, is made of polyvinyl chloride. There are three main product styles. The first is the Co-extruded foam board, having a layer of non-foaming rigid skin on the surface that is extra smooth and flat. The second is Celuka foam board, having a layer of hard skin on the surface that is smooth and dense. The third is free foam board, with no skin on the surface. The face is in a fine concave-convex shape (pitted surface).

From the product introduction, the most significant difference between the two kinds of boards is that the chemical raw materials are different.

The difference in application is: KT board is mainly used for indoor advertising display boards, while PVC foam board is frequently used for outdoor advertising display in the advertising industry. In other aspects, PVC foam board is more popular, and its relative value will be more costly than KT board. Therefore, the difference between the two depends on the specific purpose.

Of course, the application in the activity site depends on the needs of customers and the requirements for material quality.

The above is a simple analysis from Skyline Composites. You can go to our official website ( ) to learn more about the details of our advertising boards.