What is PUR hot melt adhesive?

I believe this question will confuse some people who have entered the furniture industry for a short time. As a professional processing manufacturer of PUR lamination, We would like to share with you what is PUR hot-melt adhesive, the conventional application and its use characteristic.

The full English name of PUR hot melt adhesive refers to reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive. During the lamination process, the PUR adhesive will go through several chemical reaction. The Solid PUR is firstly heated and then contact the moisture in the air. After the chemical reaction and curing process, and It forms stronger bonding between the two different materials. PUR has a highly flexible and strong adhesion, and is suitable for a wide range of regional climates.

In the curing reaction of PUR hot melt adhesive, water molecules are involved, and the bonding effect of the finished product is excellent. It has high bonding strength for various non-metallic and special materials. It has the properties of irreversibility, temperature resistance and water resistance.

PUR is innocuous, it does not contain Benzen, Formaldehyde or solvents, and does not produce harmful substance release during lamination. It leaves no residue on the finished products.

PUR hot melt adhesive Lamination

PUR machine production line is suitable for laminating different materials on the surface of various plates. Its hot roll is coated with reactive hot melt adhesive (PUR) on the surface of the plate. The surface base material and the substrate are aligned and overlaid, and hydraulic back pressure is applied to achieve the bonding effect instantly. Its glue has high adhesion, cold resistance, high-temperature resistance, waterproof, environmental protection and other characteristics.

Application: At present, the conventional applications of PUR hot melt adhesive are as follows: Flat panel lamination, cladding layer and edge sealing.

Substrate material: PVC foam board, density board, multilayer board, solid wood board, wood plastic board, glass magnesium board, aluminum-plastic board, plywood, particleboard, etc
Surface laminate material: PVC film (high gloss, Matt), PP film, acrylic sheet, HPL, aluminum sheet, PET, PETG, wood veneer, etc.

Adhesive: Moisture-curing reactive polyurethane hot-melt adhesive

As the solvent-free adhesive, PUR will not volatilize and emissions any solvent during the whole compound process. Therefore, the long drying tunnel is unnecessary when using PUR. It is truly environment-friendly and non-toxic adhesive.

With the global awareness of environmental protection, many counties improve the regulations of environmental supervision. Over the last ten years, solvent-free laminating technology in the European and the North American market has occupied an important place; Meantimes, the demand for PUR lamination is also increasing year by year.
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