1. PVC resin powder
    It is the primary raw material, foaming base material, producing PVC foamed sheet generally adopts Model SG-8 PVC resin. When processing, the gelatinization speed is fast, the processing temperature is relatively low, the product quality is stable, and the density is easy to control. In order to improve product quality and strictly control the fluctuation of product density and thickness, SG-8 PVC resin is often used in the production of free foam and Celuka foam PVC sheets.
  2. PVC stabilizer
    In order to fully plasticize the material during the process of PVC foam board, the material is often at high temperatures. In addition, the foaming agent also produces decomposition heat in the process of decomposition. These factors require that the stabilizer have sufficient thermal stability to ensure the quality of products and long-term stable production.
  3. Foaming regulator
    It is made of methyl methacrylate, ethyl acrylate, butyl acrylate, and styrene. Its molecular structure is a core-shell structure. As a processing aid in the formulation system, it can effectively reduce the plasticizing temperature, promote the plasticizing effect, improve the plasticizing efficiency, improve the melt strength, reduce the melt pulsation, prevent the melt fracture, and significantly improve the surface smoothness of products. The selection principle of the foaming regulator includes plasticizing speed, melt strength, and melt fluidity. Because of different process conditions, foaming regulator models should be selected according to the various product property characteristics, such as foamed sheet, thick foamed sheet, thin foamed sheet, wood plastic foamed sheet, etc. They can ensure the uniformity of the melt and good board surface quality. Besides that, we need to choose good quality internal and external lubricants and add enough heat stabilizers to the formula.
  4. Foaming agent
    The foaming agent is the material that makes the object material into a cell structure. It can be divided into the chemical foaming agent, physical foaming agent, and surfactant. It is mainly used to control the density and measurement of PVC foaming boards.
  5. Filler
    In the formula system, the general dosage of light calcium carbonate is 10 ~ 40 phr. Filler can not only be used as a foaming nucleating agent but also reduce the material cost. However, excessive dosage of light calcium carbonate will make the cell uniformity worse, then affect the appearance and product quality. It finally makes the product density difficult to control, increases the total cost, and reduces the product hardness.
  6. Pigment
    It is used for coloring the board, mainly in white, red, yellow, blue, green, black, gray, etc.