Selecting the correct foam core based substrate for your projects is the beginning of the whole work.

Dozens of factors can impact your material selection, and we have listed several of the basic items to consider when making your choice. When selecting a substrate, We should consider the following key factors :

Application Environment

Where will your signs be installed? Foam core board products, for the most part, are intended for indoor signage, including:

  • Commercial & Retail Store Signage
  • Interior ADA Signage
  • Routed Lettering and Logos for Indoor Signage
  • Interior POP Signs & Displays

Service Life

How long will the signage need to last? Durability generally has a direct relationship to cost. Clients tend to steer towards the most cost-effective solution for the projects while ensuring the durability of the signage for the established time it will be implemented.

Printing Methods

What material do you use to print? Are your print resources digital, screen printing, painting? Your method of application and print results are directly influenced by the type of foam core sheet you select. For the most part, your selection will be based upon the features of the facer or liner surrounding the foam core. Facers consist of various materials, each with their unique qualities for the type of application you desire.

Foam Core Board Composition

Foam core boards primarily consist of two parts:

  1. Foam Core Board Sheet– the foam core is made of extruded polystyrene and is available in various thicknesses. Primarily available in black and white.
  2. Facer or Liner Sheet– foam core board facers or liners consist of a variety of materials depending upon the type of application and printing method.

Skylines Composites provides a wide array of foam board styles to meet different demands for your every project. Give us a call today then we can provide the best product solution.

People would be more likely to choose a harmonious atmosphere and spend a wonderful time with their family, friends, colleagues during some seasonal festivals. Organizers need to work together with the advertising company to make the design and convey their idea into a visual image. Making the project budget and selecting the suitable material for the job is one of the most important parts.

Foam board is one of the most cost-effective foam core substrates available to the signage industry. Rigid, durable, and economical; foamboards are ideal sign blanks and are easily cut and routed to create highly customized signs. It is universal and versatile advertising material for marketing promotion, mood creation, and environment decoration.

Advantage: Good for printing and laminating, simple processing, easy to cut, Lightweight, Cost-effective.

Application: Digital Imaging, Exhibits, Framing, laminating, Painting, Litho Mounting, POP displays, Signs, Vinyl Lettering, Models.

Product Recommendation:

  1. 3/16″ thick extruded polystyrene foam core board that is laminated on both sides with white clay coated papers
  2. Ideal for a wide variety of short-term
  3. Graphic arts applications including point-of-purchase displays, exhibits, temporary signs, models, presentation boards, photo mounting, and picture framing

Starting from 2010, Skyline Composites has grown as a reputed export brand and supplier of high-performance and high-quality plastic boards for the sign, display, decoration, and furniture.

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